Slowness when evaluating files using wildcards

  • 15 August 2023
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Hi everyone,

I’m facing an issue and I wanted to know if anyone has faced it before and have some advice.

In one of my bots I use an “If file exists” command checking a folder for any PDF file. 

Line would be: If File Exists \Path\*.pdf.

And then I’m using a loop while file exists \Path\*.pdf and in both cases the automation spends several minutes evaluating the conditions, which hinders bot productivity.

Does anyone have an idea that could help me solve this?



3 replies

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Hi @Galatians220 

Does it happen in another folder location?  Please post here the bot actions you are using.


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Hi @Raul Jaimes 
I was testing just that, to see if it happened in other locations.
The bot must look at a network folder, when it does, the issue that I mentioned comes up, I tried using a local folder and it doesn’t happen. So I believe it has to do with the folder being in a network location.
Any ideas on how to workaround this?

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Try to add Full Control permissions to OS user  and verify if you able to delete/create/modify files and folder in the networks location.