SharePoint download file action not working

  • 15 August 2023
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Hi everybody, I’m traying to use SharePoint download file action, but it returns an unknown error indicating API failure. The connect action before that works correctly. Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it?




1 reply

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Hi @Rodrigo 2575 


  1. Check Connectivity: Ensure that the machine running Automation Anywhere has a stable internet connection and can access the SharePoint server. Sometimes, network issues can cause API failures.

  2. Authentication and Permissions: Double-check the authentication and permissions you're using to interact with SharePoint. Make sure the credentials have the necessary permissions to access and download the file.

  3. API Endpoint and URL: Review the SharePoint API endpoint and URL you're using in the download file action. Ensure that the URL is correct and points to the right location.