SharePoint Delete File does not send to Recycle Bin

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I just realized that the built in SP Delete File action does not move the file to the recycle bin, it just gets rid of it completely. Why would that be the default? Wouldn’t that make it harder to log and track and negate the ability to recover files?

I read that there is a separate action for the API to recycle, so I cannot figure out the logic behind why the default behavior for the AA Package is the full admin shadow power delete and not the default safe recycling a human user gets. I get in theory why the API has both, but why does the AA package only offer the less useful option?

I will probably end up building full API commands to recycle every time I need to delete, but that kind of defeats the point of AA packages doing the basics which is disappointing. I want end users to be able to recover a file if they run a process that deletes the old file which they end up needing for some reason. With the full delete it looks like I would need special audit logs to even see the activity and would then need to go through IT backups to restore files which seems like a lot on unnecessary work when recycle is an option. Am I missing something?

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