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  • 26 February 2024
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Custom Package to Simplify Development and Maintenance



Designed to streamline bot development, enhance logging, and facilitate comprehensive documentation within tasks for A360. Tailored for efficiency, consistency, and ease of use, this package addresses common challenges in bot development and maintenance.


Use Cases


  • Framework Templating: Ideal for organizations looking to standardize bot development practices across multiple teams.
  • Detailed Logging: Suited for complex workflows where detailed traceability and error tracking are crucial.
  • Process Documentation: Perfect for documenting automated processes within the bot, ensuring clarity and ease of maintenance.

Key Features

Robust Logging

  • Global session logger for comprehensive logging across subtasks.
  • Automatic capture of source task details, environment details for enhanced traceability.
  • Visualization of complex/nested variables for efficient debugging and tracking.
  • HTML format for logs to enable monitoring from various devices while minimizing the risk of unintended file locking.
  • Log file rollover based on file size.
  • Log file separation based on log level.
  • Screenshot capture alongside log messages for a complete logging experience.



Config Data Reading

  • Reads configuration data from CSV, Excel, JSON, and XML formats into dictionaries.

  • Excel application independent functionality for broader applicability and convenience.



Auto Delete Logs

  • Automated log deletion based on log age to optimize log management.

  • Customizable log retention through pattern matching for directories and files, aligning with organizational policies.



Close Process/Application

  • Simplifies the termination of processes or applications by name, enhancing system resource management.



Enhanced Documentation

  • In-task documentation capabilities with screenshot incorporation.

  • Error-prone activity highlights with detailed explanations and visual aids.

  • Simplified process comprehension through design screenshots, aiding replication and understanding.



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