SFTP connection using tunnel

  • 13 June 2024
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Dear Team,

1. I have sftp connection details as host , user name and password , tunnel host name , tunnel user name , tunnel password -  how can i connect using ftp action package.
2. I have only access of particular folder for the sftp folder , i don't  know parent folder details ,
3. how can i  connect and put files with above challenges.

Can anyone help ?


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3 replies

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@Tamil Arasu10 , can you help  the above ?

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Step 1: Establish SSH Tunnel

You can establish an SSH tunnel using a command-line utility like plink (PuTTY Link) or ssh.

Using plink:

Download PuTTY/Plink: Download PuTTY and ensure plink is available in your system PATH.

Create a batch script to establish the SSH tunnel.

@echo off
plink.exe -ssh -N -L localport:sftp_host:sftp_port tunnel_username@tunnel_host -pw tunnel_password

Replace localport with an available port on your local machine (e.g., 2222).
Replace sftp_host and sftp_port with the SFTP server's address and port.
Replace tunnel_username, tunnel_host, and tunnel_password with your tunnel connection details.


Create a New Task and add the FTP/SFTP Action.


Configure FTP/SFTP Connection:

  • Host: localhost
  • Port: localport (the local port you specified in the plink script, e.g., 2222)
  • Username: Your SFTP username
  • Password: Your SFTP password

Then, use put file action for update the files

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Hi @Tamil Arasu10 ,

Thanks for a wonderful solution, i can able to connect SSH tunnel by your script ,

but , i cannot use change folder action  and put files in a particular folder since i don't have parent folder access and it shows error as  “the parent folder does not exist .