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  • 12 October 2023
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i am getting error while sending a email in automation anywhere 360





5 replies

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Hi @RKRAVI001,

Please ensure you using the latest email package version.

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hi @ravi.pothana i am using latest version only 18.2 version 

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App passwords do not have space, remove spaces and try again.

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@Sumit.K11 still facing  same error , after removing spaces in app passwords

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Hi @RKRAVI001 ,

Please find the below,

If using a Gmail account to send emails, enable the less secure app setting. Use the following links to modify your email account setting:

Enable 2 step verification


If you have issues in sending or accessing emails, see Email Automation/Send Email Command - Not able to send emails or access email from specified mail box (A-People login required).