Seeking Feedback: Automation Anywhere Document Automation vs. IQ Bot for PO Extraction

  • 20 February 2024
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Hello everyone,

At my company, we've been using Automation Anywhere's IQ Bot for extracting data from Purchase Orders (POs). With the introduction of Automation Anywhere's Document Automation, I've started exploring it as a potential upgrade or replacement for IQ Bot.

I'm reaching out to this community to gather insights from anyone who has experience with using Automation Anywhere's Document Automation specifically for PO processing:

  • Have you transitioned to or are currently using Document Automation for POs?
  • How does it compare to IQ Bot in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and ease of use?
  • What challenges have you encountered with Document Automation?
  • Would you recommend switching from IQ Bot to Document Automation for PO extraction?

Any feedback, comparisons, or experiences you can share would be incredibly helpful as we evaluate the best path forward for our PO processing needs.

Thank you in advance for your insights and advice!

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