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When I try to run a bot or schedule a bot, I will take several errors. However, there is no error when I run in process. Why do I take this errors?



1 - User not logged into the machine. This may be due to multiple reasons. 1. Check that your username and domain name is correct in the provided device login credentials. 2. Login into the machine as that user before running the bot. 3. Some other user may have logged into the machine. If you continue to see this message, please contact your system administrator.

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Hi @Mustafa Ovacik​ ,


Please check if you have given the device credentials.


Run whoami command in the cmd then copy the username with domain and paste it in the set device credentials.


Refer below for more details.

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Hi @Mustafa Ovacik​ ,


Try logging into that machine you wanted to schedule the bot to run in, and checked whether it is registered with the Control Room.


Sometimes it could be disconnected, which can lead to issues like the one you are facing.



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Ashwin A.K