Run Task Command Dynamically

  • 12 December 2022
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Hi - I am using the run task command in a task bot to call and run another task bot using a variable for the path of the task bot.


The code works when the task bot I am calling is saved on my machine however it fails when the task bot is available in the control room but the .atmx file is not saved on my machine.


Is there a way for the “Task>Run Task” command to initiate the task bot from the control room?



Kyle Bowling

4 replies

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Dear @Kyle 2751,


Which version of Automation Anywhere you are using?

Although, if you trigger task bot to another task bot by using task > task bot > Run. This actually works  I did many times from control room. Share  some Screen Shots which type of issue you are facing.

Or use this link given below to understand



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Hi @Kyle 2751 ,

Please, share the details how are you running the secondary taskbot. Any sub-taskbot should be referenced with the relative path in the Control-room

Thanks in advance.


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Seems access issue where this task bot stored ... check the roles and folder level access in control room...