RPA Program Manager Course Overall Progression is wrong

  • 12 January 2023
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I do not know if this the right place to ask, this portal is very complicate to navigate, but here it goes:

I have finished a training Path RPA Manager, which has 5 modules. All of them are 100%, but the overall progression stays in 80%. By the end of last year, I tried to contact the Support ( and did not have an answer.

Does anyone know what I am supposed to do (or maybe AA team is supposed to do)?

3 replies


I would suggest contacting your customer relations manager to help escalate the issue.

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@gabriel.danezi check with  AA support, I heard that they were moving the platform and all old courses and status will no longer available after this week

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Hello @gabriel.danezi-so great to connect. Please reach out to our University Support Team at

Thank you