RPA Automation Anywhere Email html issue

  • 11 March 2022
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Sending html Emails on Automation Anywhere sends raw html text. 

Html option is chosen at the send Email window. 

Please let us know if the html file needs to be modified / any settings to be edited in order for us to use html content to send Emails. 


My effort..

I have given this solution below..





But it is saving duplicate file which mentioned in the screenshot..

Kindly guide me how to resolve this..




3 replies

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For your reference,


HTML table in body of the mail in RPA Automation Anywhere ... In this link, you can find the how-to create HTML page/template in the body of the email.





</sendemail> incorrect tag



Below is the template which is already existed and we are using that one..

And i have attached the html code in the send email command..

can you guide me how to send that existed xml template which i have given below..





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Please assign the HTML code in to the variable and use the variable as a body of the email.


Note :


HTML is not enabled by default in Automation Anywhere due to security precautions.

Go to your Automation Anywhere Files

 folder. This is usually located at 

C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Automation Anywhere Files

Edit the AA.Settings.xml file, Add the following code after Player-> commands->







Save and rerun the task.