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  • 9 January 2024
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Hi everyone,

As we are using a particular pattern calling subtask inside mastertask, I feel there is an feature missing which is debugging mode enabled in subtask also and we can see the code of subbots & variables used etc… . This feature really help the developers to debug the code and identify the rootcause of it


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Hi @rajatshrm320 ,


You can place this as an enhancement request to Automation Anywhere so that, they can add this in any of the upcoming builds if it seems feasible to them.

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This is addressed in the Product Documentation here:

So this would require an enhancement request. It’s best to fully test a sub bot so that it conforms to requirements, then test in the parent bot that any input variables are getting populated before the Run Task, then against check that Output variables from the sub bot are correct.

If you’ve unit tested your sub bots, there would be little reason to have the debugger switch context to the subbot, at that point the subbot is a black box.