Regarding control room API

  • 31 May 2022
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I have tried deploying the bot using CR API. Its working and getting deploymentId too.

But I need bot status and output from the bot also ( callback info) That I'm not getting.

Can anyone please help?

The following is the JSON request body.

Is there a need to change the callbackinfo URL?



  "fileId": *****, //id of the bot to execute

  "runAsUserIds": [

    ******//id(s) of the user account to run the bot - must have default device unless specified below


  "poolIds": [],

  "overrideDefaultDevice": false,

  "callbackInfo": {

    "url": ";, //Callback URL - not required, but can be used - can be removed if no callback is needed

    "headers": {

      "X-Authorization": "{{token}}" //Callback API headers. Headers may contain authentication tokens, content type, etc. Both key & value are of type string.



  "botInput": { //optional values to map to the bot...NOTE: These values must match the exact variable names and must be defined as input values

    // "sInput1": {

    //   "type": "STRING", //Type can be [ STRING, NUMBER, BOOLEAN, LIST, DICTIONARY, DATETIME ]

    //   "string": "Test Values" //key must match type, in this case string

    // },

    "sInput2": {

      "type": "STRING",

      "string": "From Postman"




1 reply

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Update- (Got solution)

We need a webhook URL to receive information like the output from the bot and bot deployment details.

you can post data in any one of the following languages -

js, Python, Go, PHP and Ruby


I have used python with a flask framework.