Regarding A360 Control room Logging off

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Hi Team,

I have installed automation anywhere A360 on Server machine. now the control room and everything is working fine, but there is one thing the control room is always getting logged off even if I'm working on it.

what might be the reason for this?




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Hello @Sridhar Yadlapalli​ ,


This is Dhwanit Parekh from Automation Anywhere Technical Support Team.


Control Room does have idle time out of 20 mins configured by default under Administration -> Settings -> General, but, as it suggests, it only logs off the user if the session is idle for 20 mins i.e. no clicks are happening on the portal within that much time.


If you are clicking anywhere withing portal within that period and if it is still logging you off, then I believe for some reason your authentication token is getting invalidated and it has to be troubleshot by looking at log files for apparent reasons.


You can reach out to our support team via a support request, in case if you wish to have that issue looked at.




Dhwanit Parekh

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Thanks @Dhwanit Parekh​ for the Response

we will raise a ticket with automation anywhere team


Thank you


am facing the same issue did you find the solution for it?