Recorder wont capture window

  • 16 January 2023
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I am developing an automation program to process invoices on a system called Protheus.

There is a step where i have to capture a window just to click a button on it, but the recorder don't even recognize the window.

This is the window that the recorder don't capture



The Recorder capture the window behind the one that i need.

On the task i will input a value on one of the fields on the left and then click on the top-right button. I can input the values with the simulate keystrokes action, and navigate the fields with Tab or Enter.

I tried using Image recognition too, the bot gets the button, but doesn’t click it.

I can input the values that i need on the left fields using the simulate keystrokes action, and navigate the fields using [TAB] or [ENTER], but when the bot navigates to the button, enter wont work.

What else can i do to solve this ?


3 replies

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@AutoRafael  check this if this is enabled 


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Do you know wt is the technology of the button (C#,java,c++)? 

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Hi @AutoRafael ,


Can you try after changing the Object Capturing Technology within the Capture action?