Recorder: Capture Error - "Unable to find CLIENT. Search Criteria did not match"

  • 17 October 2023
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Has anyone encountered an error with the Recorder: Capture action in which the action fails due to inability to find the “Client” control type?


Here is where the control type is specified in my action:



Unfortunately I cannot uncheck this “Control Type” box and I don’t know how to modify the attribute.



Here is the error I am getting:



Any advice is appreciated. I am using Microsoft Edge.




The snapshot excerpt below from the documentation mentions the Client control type.

It sounds like the element I am capturing just doesn’t support “Get property”. Can anyone offer clarity about this or how to go about this a different way? You can see in my screenshot below that I am just selecting a simple div element with the recorder.


I am not a web developer so I may be missing something completely obvious. Would love to be enlightened if that is the case!

Thanks again!

6 replies

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Hey @LoganPrice - are you able to show the rest of the properties that were recognized on the capture step? Also, are you able to capture other objects on this page? just not this one? If this is a public facing site, 100% send it over and I can help you out, otherwise I’ll try my best to ask the right questions to get there

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@Micah.Smith, sure, I show the properties in the screenshots below. And yes, there are other objects, like buttons, which can be captured and acted upon by the task. The page being recorded is actually the Packages section of the bot editor. I am making a bot which automatically updates all packages to the “default” version.


Page being recorded:




All element properties:


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There’s a feature to update bots packages to default version, you can also target only specific bots:

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This is a promising-looking feature. I’ll speak with our program manager about integrating this feature. Upon reading the article, I notice it says it updates the “Public” workspace, but the “Private” space is where the majority of the headache lies since that’s where we are actively developing bots (and copy/pasting code is a hassle with mismatching package versions.).

Do you know if the Bot Update feature also updates Private as well?

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@LoganPrice No, It will only work for public workspace.

You could use this extension if you have option, it allows you to bulk update package version in private workspace.
Launch extension > Select tools tab > Select desired tasks > click update packages

There are other useful features like downloading files without exporting from control room eg. excel/templates dependencies which cannot be directly edited.



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Hey @LoganPrice - I cant replicate your issue fortunately/unfortunately. I’ve my automation as an attachment (just 5 steps, no package) if you want to import it and compare.