Recorder: Capture - Cannot "Select Item by Text" in Combobox

  • 2 February 2023
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I am using the Recorder: Capture action to select an item from a combobox in an Excel dialogue window. See screenshot of dialogue:


dialogue window in Excel


The goal is that the bot selects “Column A”.


The issue is that the bot is failing to select the item.


I can see with my eyes that the bot is clicking or doing something to trigger the dropdown menu to appear, but the bot is failing to actually select the item (“column A”) from the menu.


After the action completes, the box appears empty with nothing selected.


This action is able to work in a separate task. I have copy/pasted the action from the task where it works, but the action still fails in the main task I am trying to work with.


I have tried keystrokes and that did not work either.


Here are my Action parameters:

Action Parameters 1 of 2
Action Parameters 2 of 2

Window Variable: 

Variable Definition



Does anyone have any suggestions?

3 replies

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Hi @LoganPrice ,


Could you please try after changing the Object Capturing Technology within the Capture action?

If still facing the error, then try to change the Recorder package version and check again.

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@LoganPrice could you please try without check “Run in Background” to see if it works then?

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Please put Wait for window of “Sort” action before the click.  I had try this option is working. Can you try this?