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  • 24 October 2023
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Good day,

  1. I have a bot that needs to work with a queue. After completing all the queue items, I have to perform consolidation. Now, how can I determine the queue status to know if it's the last work item?

  2. Additionally, I have an application that experiences downtime every day from 10 AM IST to 12 PM IST. When the bot, which is implemented to work with the queue, reaches this particular time, the work items should not be processed Since the Application will be down. Once the downtime until 12 PM IST is over, the bot should resume from where it left off.






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2 replies

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Hi @Sridhar Yadlapalli,

  1. You can leverage Workload Management API’s to know the status of work items in a queue.
  1. Usually, a queue is processed when a work item is added. To restrict the time slots within which a queue will be processed, you can set the queue running time.
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Thanks @ravi.pothana 

  1. I understood that it is possible to get the status of the Work item using API’s, also is there any way of approach to Know the Last Work item in the Queue?