Python script works on my PC but not on AA


Hi everyone,

I’m am developing a taskbot which integrates with Microsoft Graph APIs in order to get email attachments and download them locally.

Since the APIs returns the attachment data in base64 format, I developed a little Python script which basically decodes this data in bytes format and saves the file locally with the correct extension.

The script works correctly from my PC but when I run it from AA basically it return “bot error”. I can’t understand why it returns this and where actually is the error.

I copy and paste the Python script down below so you can see it:

import pathlib
import base64

def WriteAttachmentBytes(params: list()):
filePath = pathlib.Path(params[0])
fileContent = params[1]
fileContent = base64.b64decode(fileContent)
hasAttachmentWrote = bool()
with open(filePath, 'wb') as currentAttachment:
hasAttachmentWrote = True
hasAttachmentWrote = False
return hasAttachmentWrote

(The input of the function is a list because I pass to the Python function two parameters)

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