Process is running after the scheduled time

  • 1 November 2022
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Hi All,


My wesite works from 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM, I want that my process will only run in between the time duration only. 

So I use schedular that starts at 9:35 AM and ends at 11:30 PM.

But sometimes a chain of unused scedular will get build which run trigger the website even after 11:30 PM which regarded as a failure case.


So I want to add a check - functionality in my code which first check the time "If the time is in between 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM" the process will run else will get failed.


Please help me in coding of this scenerio.



Shreashth Sahu

5 replies

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Hi @Shreashth Sahu​ , you can use System variables for Date and time and use IF-Else condition to check the time and run if it lies between a specific time.

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Hi @Shreashth Sahu​  Adding to the above comment from Zaid, you can use Task Bot: Stop for terminating the bot if its not meeting the condition and send out an email confirmation or Log for tracking purpose.

Hi @ChanduMohammad S​ 

Thanks for your response! Actually the issue is that I m not able to check the time that the current time lies in working time period or non- working time period.

As I tried to code that but get errortargetScreenshot 2022-11-03 111543Screenshot 2022-11-03 111707value

targetvalueScreenshot 2022-11-03 111707Screenshot 2022-11-03 111543Hey @Zaid Chougle​ 

I guess I tried to code what you said but getting error.

Can you please help me to resolve that.

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Hi @Shreashth Sahu​ you can use custom date format under Date time package and then check for your desired conditions. I believe that will help you solving valid date value/format value error