Process Automation with a task

  • 3 June 2024
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Hi there,

I am trying to automate a process which requires human interaction. My requirement is bot read the inbox and filters email that contains attachments. Downloads the attachment and then creates a task for user to view/review the downloaded document in a form. User logs in AARI portal to work on the task and clicks submit in the form. Now a task bot replies back to the user with an email text.

Read outlook (Scheduled Task Bot) → Filter email with attachment(Task Bot) → Create task for user to view attachment(AARI form)→ User submits the task(AARI form) → reply to the email(Task Bot).

I am planning to use process automation. When I create a process the first step process entry has to be form or input variable. In my case I want to attach a task bot. How do I design this process ? 

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At the moment, it doesn't let you by pass either of the options - “Input Variables or Form” at the start node.

Even if you do not chose to provide any input variables. still it will ask for confirmation to proceed without input variables.