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  • 11 October 2023
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I am not able to use the actions of the sharepoint package, I can even make the connection, but in the actions of obtaining data from folders and files and performing copying, downloading and uploading I receive a permission error.


I believe it could be the path of the folders I'm trying to use, but I've tried several formats and the error still persists. any idea how to solve it? I have already contacted the team that releases the Azure app and all permissions are released and configured as requested by AA.


When authenticating, if I DO NOT select the "teams site" option, the following error appears:

Houve falha na API do SharePoint. Veja os detalhes abaixo.

Status: 403
Details: {"error":{"code":"-2147024891, System.UnauthorizedAccessException","message":{"lang":"pt-PT","value":"Acesso negado."}}}


but if I activate the "teams site" option the error changes, but I can't find the correct way to inform the folder paths: ways that I have already tested in actions


Houve falha na API do SharePoint. Veja os detalhes abaixo.

Status: 404
Details: 404 FILE NOT FOUND




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Hi @Polyana 8891,


First we need to check the authentication is Successful for given site

If the sahrepoint URL is

provide Domain as: Abc & site as : XYZ, like below

2) to get folder or files, ex: you have files in the below path: Documents/FolderPQR

in folder path of below Image provide this path to get all files in FolderPQR: Shared Documents/FolderPQR

Output will be the list and subtype is dictionary. so u can loop through the list and using “listitem{Name}” u can get file names

If you still get the authorization issue, try to recreate the client ID & client secret again. 
this will help u for creating id&secret :

Sai Krishna
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Hello, thanks for your attention!

authentication occurs without problems, my biggest difficulty is understanding how I should write the folder path name. My SharePoint is in Portuguese, and I've already tried writing the folder path in Portuguese and English too, but still without success.

I tried several ways and it continues to indicate that the folder was not found and I have no further ideas of what should be reported:

Shared Documents/General



Shared Documents/General



did anyone find any solution for this issue? I have same problem when I’m trying use actions of the sharepoint package. 

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I managed to solve it. The problem was basically the name of the folders, each sharepoint has a slightly different pattern and it made it difficult to find the right pattern.Basically the tip they gave was to look at the link:Right after the main site, the link informs whether it is just "site" or "teams site", to correctly inform authentication.
In other actions, to find the correct folder path, just enter it according to the link, but replacing "%20" with a space.I hope these tips help you!

I have same ploblem.Although the status is 403 too, the details of status is “Unknown Error”. Why does this happen ?