Problems with screen resolution

  • 10 August 2023
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Hi community,

some of our bots are really senstive regarding the screen resolution. They fail when running them on a different client than the one of the developer.

Does someone have similar problems? Is there a solution?

Regard, Stefanie


Best answer by ravi.pothana 10 August 2023, 17:41

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Hi @Stefanie,

You can enforce a standard resolution across all of devices registered or you can “Allow devices to override resolution settings” in the control room settings, below is the article describing how to configure it.

If you choose the option to “Allow devices to override resolution settings” in control room, you should be able to set the screen resolution for each device through the ‘Devices’ page located in the ‘Manage’ tab.

“Note: The screen resolution settings are applicable only when you use RDP-based deployments. For regular deployments, a Windows session is created using the existing resolution settings of the device. In this case, the screen resolution set in the Control Room is ignored.”

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Buenas tardes, 
Al instalar escritorio remoto se puede configurar para que abra en una resolución especifica.
Con esto se soluciona el problema de las coordenadas. 

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Hello @Stefanie  The screen resolution and target applications installed along with its version should be identical in both Creator and Runner machines. 

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@Stefanie In addition to the suggestion from Ravi about enforcing resolution across all devices from the Control Room settings, it may be worthwhile to re-evaluate the reasons why your automations are relying on resolution-based actions. I have a number of customers who have older bots relying on mouse clicks and keystrokes because they were resistant to capture by the Recorder, but with recent updates have been able to move to a more solid approach that doesn’t rely so much on positioning or screen resolution.