Problem with connecting my local device

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Hello everyone,

we are trying to connect to the local device, but AA shows the following message:

We are excluding a problem with wi-fi , because we are opening AA website.

We access this environment over Citrix and we are not using VPN.

We had a testing environment ( which  we access over Citrix) and where we have developed the bot, but now when the bot is ready for deployment on the Production environment the client told us that the new machine  is totally the same as previous , but we cannot connect the local device.


We are not seeing our device in the list with possible devices and when we press the button Connect local device this message is showing .

I’m asking for your advices to solve the problem.


Best Regards,

Teodora Dimitrova 

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@tdimitrova did you get a chance to update SSL certificate in New Prod machine ?

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@rbkadiyam we checked and we have a valid SSL certificate.

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Hi @tdimitrova ,


Can you access this KB Article with your partner ID and see if any of the workaround mentioned there is working for you?

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Please check your  timezone and try to identify if recently faced a time change or daylight saving time.

If so, modify system hour.





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Hello everyone,


thank you for your answers.

We have connected successfully our local device to the control room. The problem was that the Bot agent was not successfully installed , but we didn’t get any indication for that. 

We installed the bot agent with default steps. But when we enter in the control room we saw that the bot agents  version  is different:

 Then we guessed that the bot agent is not successfully installed. And this bot agent version 22.210 was probably installed on our previous testing machine. We asked our customer which has administrator rights( we don’t have administrator rights) on our production machine to install the Bot agent and was connected successfully.


Our customer has installed Bot agent with default options instead as is shown in the AA official video for bot agent installation (with second option ’’only for me’’),  which means with option one  ‘’All users”. In this connection I would like to ask you what is different for us ( developers ) and for the customer between those two installation options? Could this be a problem for our further steps on the production machine?


Thank you in advance for your answers!

Best Regards,

Teodora Dimitrova