problem opening newly copied bot in A360

  • 16 January 2024
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It just started recently and not sure if this is related to a control room update going on. I have been copying bots a lot in the past and never had a problem.

Here is the simplest way that I can reproduce this all done in my private folder on A360 :

1. Create a bot with only one action (i use message box)
2. Copy the bot
3. Open the copied bot (this fails) looks at following screen. I turned on login on the AA extension which shows a 403 error (not sure if it is related) 




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2 replies

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Hi @rmorin,

There is planned maintenance schedule today but I don't think it started yet according to the maintenance window mentioned here:

Can you please post the error message that you see in the audit log for this activity to further troubleshoot.

Thank you. 


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There are no audit log error message. The audit log state that the copy was successful. However if we open the bot we get the window mentioned above. We have 3 separate control room for different contracts. This happen on two different control room that we have and the third one works just fine.  

We do have a workaround which is somewhat annoying but do works.

  • Edit the bot to be copied, select all and use shared clipboard copy feature
  • Create and edit the new bot to be copied and paste using the paste clipboard copy feature

Again if you look at the developer tool message it appears that there is a fail authentication for the copied bot (403 forbidden) which does not show for other bots

I did not have time to raise a support request for this one but looks like this is what we will need to do.