problem of credentials in an unattended manner on a VM

  • 23 October 2023
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Hi, When I run my bot in an unattended manner on a VM, I encounter the next problem:


Mensaje de error:

User not logged into the machine. This may be due to multiple reasons.
1. Check that your username and domain name is correct in the provided device login credentials.
2. Login into the machine as that user before running the bot.
3. Some other user may have logged into the machine.

But my credentials on the device are correct, this problem occurs at night when the PC is blocked, the PC is a virtual machine.


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Hi @DuarteTrycore,

For single user type, try changing the deployment type as Regular mode and see if it works.
You may require to restart the bot agent service after changes.

For RDP based deployments, you can try auto login settings and choose how to run bots on user sessions using available options.