PDF Package Extract Field fails if dollar sign is included

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I am working on a bot that extracts information from a PDF. I need only one field, so I don't particularly want to use Extract Text, then go through a huge text file searching for my data (PDF is multiple pages long).


I am trying instead to use Extract Field, but I have noticed that Automation Anywhere fails on any field which contains a dollar sign $. In the past I have tried to just draw a custom region that excludes this symbol, but in this case that is not possible - I end up failing to grab the data I want because of cutting off the dollar sign.


Just curious if anyone else has encountered this issue (Bug) and what you've done to get around it. Really frustrating, as most PDF fields are going to be currency, and thus have this symbol included.

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@Jeremiah Logan​ Use this package and corresponding action: PDFUtils: Read Form Fields>


This will give you dictionary of form field's name-value pair. Works with $ symbol too.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I did try that package, but the Read Form Fields does not extract the data I am after. I am left with Get Full Text or Detect Words, which leaves me having to do a Regex through a bunch of text