password protected files in Automation 360

  • 19 January 2023
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Hello everyone,


I have recently taken the Automation 360 partner sales certification and one of the questions was really weird. It asked how to mark a file as password protected but none of the answers seemed relevant.

Some of the propositions were about metabots, that only exist with v11 (I have only used and followed the A360 formation), others about a “privacy gateway protocol” (those must be fake answers, I do not find anything with that name in the documentation), or the password package (that does not exist either). None of the proposed answers was about the Credential Vault, the credential or PGP package...

Has anyone already faced this kind of question ? Nobody in my company seemed to understand it. Is it possible that it is a legacy question (designed for a former v11 exam) mistakenly still present ?

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