Output variable from child bot to parent bot

  • 6 May 2022
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I tried to output variables from the child bot to the parent bot with the below setting, but only if the child bot got an error, no variable was output to the parent bot.

Parent bot: The variable in the child​ bot is mapped to the same variable in the parent bot. Catch whatever the errors the child bot threw.

Child b​ot: Enables the variable to input & output. Throw the error to the parent bot after the value is assigned to the variable.

If an error occurs in the child bot, can he output variable to the parent bot?​ If possbible, how can i configure that?


1 reply

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Hello @Naoki Shimoyama​ 


Thanks for writing us at the AA forum.


I believe you can leverage the Dictionary variable for the requirement to pass between the bots.


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