Outlook Not Responding causes the bot to be stuck at checkFolder action.

  • 23 November 2023
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Hi Team,

I have an unattended bot which accesses and maximize Outlook every 10 minutes and checks for any new mail and retrieves it for processing. Bot would minimize Outlook if there are no new emails and loops with the 10 minutes delay,

However, there have been cases where Outlook froze (Not Responding) and when the bot tries to access Outlook again, the bot would be stuck at checkFolder action.

Before I settled on maximizing and minimizing Outlook, I would close Outlook at the end of the loop and launch Outlook after the 10 minutes delay but repeated closing and opening of Outlook would cause Outlook to crash with corrupted Outlook data files (.odt) occasionally.

Is there any other ways to handle this exception gracefully rather than have the bot stuck at checkFolder action?




2 replies

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Hi @ahliew ,

You will be able to verify the new email status without opening the outlook. (unattended bot, and attended bot)

Kindly check out the below links,

How to Automate Emails using Automation 360

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Hi @ahliew,

Are you using Email Connection type as Outlook in Email Connection command? You can use connect to “Email Server” If you have the required access. This will remove all your dependencies from the Outlook app.