OneDrive can't merge files

  • 28 February 2024
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I am curious if anyone has seen this issue before. Working with a customer that is processing hundreds of Excel files for daily rate changes. The files are all in OneDrive, which is exposed to the bot account under C:\Users\BotAccount\CompanyName\etc.\etc. The bot is receiving an error pop-up about 30% of the time when closing and saving the excel file. The error states OneDrive was unable to merge the changes to the file, and gives you two options to resolve the file conflict: Open in Office and Merge Changes or Keep Both Files.

The bot is using Excel Advanced actions. I have added a pretty long delay between processing of different items, but that does not seem to affect it any; the percentage of failures is about the same. So I am curious before I start down a OneDrive rabbit hole if anyone has ever seen something similar.

3 replies

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It might help to disable the live sync (file cooperation or what it’s called in OneDrive nowadays) if you haven’t already tested it. That way it should only save the file when you close it. You might still get other sync errors, but they should be more manageable.

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Hi, thanks for the response. I paused sync altogether as a test, but then the bot could not open the files. I am looking around this morning for a live sync only setting, to see if that behaves any differently.


Edit: Other than the option to pause sync altogether, I am not seeing any other live sync option in either the OneDrive app or the Excel file settings themselves

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Just tested in OneDrive client from my end, and I have the setting available in “advanced settings”. Might be a different setup on your M365 tenant that results in not having the option.
I found some documentation from MS about the matter here: