One bot working on PC and RDP - working simultaneously


I want to build a bot that works on user PC and RDP simultaneously.

There is one computer (PC) and RDP is run from that PC.

RDP may be open by the user; it's not a problem.

What I understand by that is:

PC - Open excel file

PC - read the value

RDP - open application

RDP - go within the application to a certain point

RDP - copy data from the application

PC - save data in excel file


Repeat (even 1000 times)

There is no option to install a bot agent on an RDP machine.

Is it possible to do that with Automation Anywhere?

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No One Robot cannot use 2 Bot Agents, you can run your tasks Parallelly in 2 Different machines.

mixing Attended Automation right?

  • probably, I'm not familiar with that expression but sounds logical.

 You can install Bot Agent

  • no, I cannot instal bot agent on RDP machine,
  • even if I could, how can I build one robot which will use two bot agents?
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Hi @Robert Ozog​ ,


Hope you are taking about Attended Automation right? You can install Bot Agent in any machine by logging into it.

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Hi @Robert Ozog​ ,


Honestly above statement is confusing, If you are looking for Configure RDP-based deployment for multi-user devices checkout below link.>


This is a very unique requirement, I'd recommend opening a support ticket with AA using below link>


if you don't have access to the above link, Send an email to AA Support team "" to get the access.

Thank you.

In other words.

I can use AA bot on PC but if I open an RDP connection from that PC the bot won't be able to work on RDP?

I know it's possible with other software ;)

Honestly, above statement is confusing

Ok, let's start one more time.



The user is starting their PC. On that PC is using RDP.

The process required data manipulation on both PC (files on PC) and RDP (Files and software on RDP).

Bot agent can be only installed on PC.

How to solve this using Automation Anywhere?


Does it sound clear right now?

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Hello @Robert Ozog​ . You would configure the RDP-based deployment... but when you say "Bot agent can be only installed on PC" does it mean that you can't install it on the RDP machine you are logging into because of permissions?

Hello, @Lara Argento​ 

Yes, there is no option for installing the bot on RDP machine.

I know that there is no issue for UiPath, was wondering if AA can handle it.

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Can you give us details of the machine you're trying to install it? :)

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Hello @Robert Ozog​, It seems that you are trying to automate a process on your PC and it requires to fetch certain data from RDP taken from you PC. Bot Agent is installed on your local PC only.


If yes, you can explore below options.


1) Use AISense to automate controls from RDP and to fetch data.

2) If RDP machine has access to CR, you can additionally install Bot Agent on RDP machine to automate and fetch required Data, save it to the file which can be later accessed by Bot running on your PC for further processing.