Object Cloning Error

  • 17 April 2023
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Hi, I am tryin to select value from a drop down from a site using Object Cloning method, but when i capture the drop down, Automation Anywhere does not consider it as drop down and i am not able to get its values. When i inspect the page to find what type of controller is used for drop down it shows “selectboxSec” under Div tag and not a drop down . I am attaching 3 screenshots as follows:

  1. Drop Down from the site
  2. Backend Inspect of the page which shows the type of drop down used’
  3. Object Cloning properties captured of the drop down.

Kindly help me to get values from this drop down. !!!!! 


Best answer by Faiz Khan 17 April 2023, 09:09

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1 reply

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Kindly help