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  • 11 January 2023
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is anyone knows if we have limits of the used variables and rows in bots in Automation Anywhere. Because now we have 146 variables in our and over 300 rows of action and when we run the bot in debug mode our keyboard stops working correctly/ we cannot type any letter / . Anyone has any idea why this happens?



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5 replies

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Hi @tdimitrova ,


Please check the out the below link,

The max rows actions 500 lines

By Enabling the Code Analysis, you will fix the above issue also to know the reason for the issue.

Code analysis enables you to evaluate a program without running the code. In Automation 360, the code analysis feature analyzes the code and displays a list of violations based on a set rules. You can review and fix any coding or stylistic errors for your automation

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Interesting one @tdimitrova Ideally it should not happen, can you try again by clearing cookies in the browser?

or As @Tamil Arasu10  suggested please use Code Analysis feature to get the exact issue

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@tdimitrova  you have to increase java heap memory and RAM size inorder to load all these variables

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Thank you , everyone for the answers! 

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Thank you , everyone for the answers! 

Welcome @tdimitrova