Nothing happen when hotkey trigger is pressed

  • 23 March 2022
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So when we login to AA and do the setup it gave the notif trigger succesfully but when we press the hotkey to trigger nothings happens. after checking we found out that we got this error Erroris this because the window server 2019 is not compatible with the AA? because it works fine on windows 10. so basically when we do the hotkey trigger it opens the shortcut on the google chrome/ windows rather than running the bot

2 replies

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Hi @David Jansen​ 


Hot key triggers are supported on both attended and unattended Bot Runner licenses. However, the hot key trigger will work for unattended Bot Runner users only if they have access to the associated default device and they use the predefined keys.>


Trigger task bot with hotkey events on Automation Anywhere


Hot Key Trigger | Send Email- Automation Anywhere A2019 #09




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hi @Tamil Arasu​ 


thanks for answering i do know that the hot key triggers are support for both attended and unattended. the real problem lies when the trigger doesn't run on windows server 2019 but it runs on windows 10 enterprise. and so i assume and wanted to know whether the cause of it was the compatibility or other things