Not getting my Master certification


I completed my task of submitting the bots with an overall score of 85%. But the Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional (Automation 360) - 2022 course, it still shows as score pending. 

I haven't received my certification either. When I click on 'Continue' it just takes me back to the course homepage.


Anyone has had a similar experience? I'd like to get my hands on that certificate ASAP... worked hard for it


Thanks for any tips



Now when I login to the autograder website, I get the following message "You already completed the Master Certification.

If you did not, try to log in again in a few minutes.

If you continue to experience difficulties, contact Learning Support for assistance"


Attaching the new grader screenshot too here.

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@Stevin Sebastian​  

Please Share your issue in

They are creating seprate ticket for your issue. 

I'm facing the same issue as you. It is still showing "score pending". Anyone facing this issue as well?

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Hi @Stevin Sebastian​ ,

Thank you for writing to us,

We would like to inform you that all Training Certification/E-Learning requests are handled by our Training department as we do not have access to our training team portal.

So, we recommend you kindly drop an email to Upon request, our Training Team will be able to address your request within 3 business days

Hi Sahana,


Thank you for your reply. I did mail the learning team at the above mentioned mail address on 31st of Aug. i am yet to receive a reply.




I did mail them and a ticket was created with an automated mail. But no reply after that.​

Yes, exactly... But in the autograder it shows as completed.


Hi Team,


I am facing same issue. Score is showing in pending state but I got 83% score after BOTs submission. Pls find the attachment for reference.

In AA university website, the completion percentage is showing as 83%. Pls guide me.

Also, I sent email to Pls let us know in case if the problem got fixed for any one?

Same case happened to me. Did it get resolved. If resolved please help.

Hi Steve,


I got AA Master Certificate this morning. AA team updated the completion percentage to 100% in AA university for Master Certification.


@Stevin Sebastian​ - Pls drop an email to all your screenshots. They responded me so fast


Thanks AA team for Help



No Param, not resolved yet. Please refer to @Hema Vamsi Vineeth Burle​ 's answer. His issue has been resolved.

That is great news, congrats!


Hoping they'll update mine too soon.

Great Congratulations.😀


Update - Finally got my certificate!


Thanks @learning@automationanywhere team.

Hi Team,

I am also facing the same issue. The score is showing in the pending state but I got 86% score. But the Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional (Automation 360) - 2022 course, still shows as a score pending. 

I haven't received my certification either.

Also, I sent an email to I Have the automated reply request has been created but no response from them. Is anyone facing the same issue?




Hi Uday,

They will eventually reply. It took me about a week after I raised the ticket to get the certificate.