Not able to detect object in SAP even if selector is correct

  • 24 April 2023
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I am automating SAP desktop application. 

I am using if condition to check if object exists and if it does then extract the required information.

But this if condition is failing to detect the object sometimes even when the object is present, other times it is working ok.

what could be the possible reason for this? And how can I resolve this issue?


2 replies

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@vrushali 4099 

Verify if you meet the following requirements:

 Enabling Scripting on the Client Side,

 Enabling Scripting on the Server Side, and 

Enabling Accessibility settings.




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@Raul Jaimes All the requirements mentioned are in place. This is intermittent issue; code is working 80% of the time. It is failing 20% of the times. That too when selector is available and correct