No files on specified folder after download with IQ Bot command

  • 30 June 2022
  • 2 replies

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I'm trying to upload and download document on my IQ Bot instance with command, the bot run successfully. but the file is not downloaded in the specified folder I gave.


I've checked on Output folder in Automation Anywhere IQ Bot folder, no files has been downloaded.


How can I fix this kind of issue?


Please help.




commandcommand properties

2 replies

It seems that the file is not handled by learning instance correctly. Change the IQ Bot Document Status to Unclassified and run the download bot again. If the file is not downloaded then similarly try with other options like (untrained, Failed etc). You may also check the learning instance once if the file has gone to the validation.

There might two reasons :

  1. You have used IQ bot document status as SUCCESS while running download action. but files might go to UNCLASSFIED, INVALID, UNTRAINED. better to check with all other available document status.
  2. IQ bot might be processing your documents by the time you run the download action. best way is to use API to know the status of the uploaded file and then download using API action.