New object cloning error "Unable to perform SetText Action" on an old BOT

  • 11 March 2022
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I have a BOT in production that has been running successfully each night for many weeks. Last night I began to see the error "Unable to perform the SetText Action" on an Object Cloning line of code. What could cause this sudden change in behavior? We have at least one other production BOT that suddenly saw this error pop-up.

4 replies

Well, my first clue when I went back to test the code is that the HTML ID on this object on this particular screen has apparently changed. This is an SAP browser window using their GRC module. I may need to dig deeper with my SAP support folks as to what may cause these types of changes and determine if these HTML ID's are dynamic. 😣

I'm having a similar error too! Don't know why this is happening all of a sudden, when my bot was running fine only a few days ago.

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Hi @Dave Jackson​ 


Indeed your first clue is headed in the correct direction of the cause for this issue. Our product supports and prefers static object properties and runs into issues with dynamic properties!

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Hi all, the similar thing happened to me also, suddenly all my HTML object are not being recognised even though I’ve successfully tested them the day before. And i knot that object in fact did not change at all because I can capture them on another machine. For me I think it is somehow related to OutOfMemory message prior to this problem.

Anyone has any ideas where to look to fix? Would reparing the Enterprise Client help?