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  • 25 January 2023
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I would like to know if someone know what we need to change on Credential Package in order to make the “Insecure String” option to work the same as the “Credential” option. I mean, when you use insecure string AA just assign this value to a credential variable, but I would like this option to get the attribute value from the CR the same as the credential. When you select the credential option and do the “pick” from CR vault you get a string like “Locker, Credential Name, Attribute Name”, so I would like to “fake” a package that if I use this same string on the “insecure string” option this also returns the atribute value. This is because it would allow me to use variables for Credential name, etc, and still get the value from the CR vault instead of need to hardcode the pick.


3 replies

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@D1egend 9735  If it is not secured information why can’t you use global values ?

you are onboarding this value into credential locker for any specific purpose ?
I suggest to use global values or configuration file to store this type of information to avoid future access issues… 


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Hello @rbkadiyam,

It is secure information but only in Production, in Production this value is on a “insecure string” but will be input as a password so there is no way to access these values.

So what I want to achieve is to be able to use variables to get attributes from the credential vault, instead of the need to “pick” it when I’m developing and having it hardcoded - it doesn’t matter if I’m then returning it to a string or a credential variable.
This would only be possible creating a custom package where I can use variables to get a credential attribute, I was trying but didn’t manage to find how to do it using the credential package provided by AA.

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Try through control room API: