neither js nor recorder is working any other way

  • 27 June 2024
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i have to target the the text box in a website when i tried it through js and rcorder in both the cases its not working

i have to click on the type and drop sown should should where i have to slsect something


2 replies

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Hi @khansuhaib0987,


Please try with AI sense recorder. If you can’t achieve anything with recorder action you can use AI Sense recorder which works based on the anchor. Refer link below.

Record a task with AISense Recorder (



Hemantha Pindra

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Agreeing with @HemanthaPindra if Record:Capture and the js methods don’t work, I tend to suspect non-standard coding in the target website. AI Sense might work, or you can fallback to old school mouse and simulating keystrokes methods. Note these may require (as does AI Sense to a degree) botrunner/creator devices with the same screen geometry and resolution.