Need help with preprocessing errors after software update

  • 29 June 2022
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We just completed an update to IBM RPA build 12350 (equivalent to A360 v.24). Our bot agents have been updated to 21.134. The devices show as connected in the Control Room.


Following the upgrade, none of our bots will deploy, and I'm having trouble figuring out why. I used the bot creator account to make a simple test bot with one command.

Browser: Open "; using Google Chrome

The Browser: Open action says "required bot agent version 21.128 or above"


Upon running the bot in development, the bot throws a Preprocessing issue found error


In Chrome test: We found an issue that prevents the bot from running.


Search for 'preprocessing' on>

to find the most common causes and

what to do about them.

Code: preprocessing.failure


I've spent a few hours trying to this down in the Automation Anywhere documentation without much luck. I think this is the relevant line in the WebCR_Compiler.log file:


ERROR - com.automationanywhere.compiler.service.impl.BotBuildServiceImpl - {defaultTenant=true, sampled=true, spanId=bbcc70ea122ada51, tenantUuid=e22e91dd-2ee0-439c-b89b-5c2b5b4c4636, traceId=bbcc70ea122ada51} - buildBot( - #request 'cd2a4668-5a3e-43d8-9401-83ef344d10d0', compilation failed for file id '9048' com.automationanywhere.compiler.exception.CodeBuildException: We could not find the file for the package 'bot-command-recorder', version '2.5.4-20220309-151830'. It could be missing or corrupted. Check the package and reinstall if necessary.


I'm not even using Recorder in this bot. For what it is worth, in the Packages area on my bot creator device, it says that Browser Version 3.3.3-20220228-210729 is installed. If I look under the Recorder package, it says that Version 2.5.4-20220309-151830 is installed and is the Default package.



2 replies

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Hi @Brook Nale​ 


Good Day!


Please check the latest bot agent installed and refer the below KB article for preprocessing error.>


If you are still facing an issue then please create a support case


How to create a support case :>

if you don't have access to the above link, email the AA Support team "" to get the access.


Thank you

Thank you. I was able to create a support case with IBM who escalated to Automation Anywhere team. We ended up rolling back to and then upgrading to