Need help on Terminal Emulator actions

  • 7 December 2022
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Hi Team,

I’m automating LSP GER 400 Terminal application. I need to input ‘Shift+f7’ from terminal action but we can’t input ‘shift’. Hence we found an alternative way to do it by ‘PF19’ which we found out in Automation Anywhere docs, but its not working on the application. Its saying like “Function key not recognized”. Has any body came across this issue?

Please help us in finding the solution for this.



David Kingsley M P


2 replies

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HI @DK 9006 ,


Please check the below link for further info on this.

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@DK 9006 Just to check - have you used KEY_PF19 or PF19? The key variant should include the shift as per:

It does have a caveat the behaviour of those codes does change per the terminal host, but hopefully that small fix will do the job