Need Help Automating Opening and Running a Python Script Through File Explorer

  • 4 July 2023
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Hello! I'm trying to automate opening and executing a Python script named, which is in Desktop. Here's what I've tried:

  1. Using File package open and Open Program (doesn’t execute script).
  2. Using a Python package to open, execute, and close (doesn’t execute script).
Using Python Package Creates __pycache__

The script runs fine when I manually double click it in File Explorer.

How can I automate the following steps:

  1. Open File Explorer in the directory Desktop.
  2. Find and select
  3. Double click it to run.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

1 reply


Put the script into the module under the selection ‘Manual Input’, copy/paste it there.

I’ve had the same issue too, worked on it all day.

I can’t say why, perhaps it is one of the odd things of Automation Anywhere, but for the time being it seems that running the scripts from a file doesn’t work for me, but putting the exact same script in manually into the module, it started working perfectly.

I hope they fix that, whatever it is that causes it.