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I am facing issue in my intel evo laptop On Incident Table create a new UI Action button with the name “Provide Info”. This button should appear only when the Logged in User is the Requestor (Opened by) of the ticket being loaded on the screen and the “State” of the ticket is “On Hold”.

If the logged in User is the Requestor (Opened by), then he will click “Provide Info” button to provide the details to the support team.   The following validations should be done before the ticket is submitted.


The additional comments are mandatory when the “Provide Info” button is clicked.

The State of the incident should be changed to “In Progress”


function runClCode() {

    g_form.setMandatory('comments', true);


    g_form.setValue('state', '2');


    gsftSubmit(null, g_form.getFormElement(), 'provide_info');



if (typeof window == 'undefined')



function serverReopen() {

    if (current.comments.changes()) {







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