My Python code is not working

  • 26 January 2022
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I have a python code , while executing the python i am getting the correct output.

but at same time when i am calling the same python code through AA 360(V23), its stuck on execution steps. BoT is not retuning any error or output.

5 replies

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Hi @Niraj Kumar​ ,


Can you share your code snippet?

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might, white space, or entering new lines is will cause issue and please function names are defined correctly

Please check the below link for your reference

fallow the solution and video mentioned by @Tamil Arasu10 (Customer)​ , even after it didnt resolved before running the bot please preload the python package in the packages section

Hi @Niraj Kumar​ have you solved the issue?I'm also facing same issue..even basic python code is also not working.It's stucks at the execution step.

@Abin Jilson​ yes,


Check your environment variable and put your code inside py script folder.


If your script is outside py script folder it won't return or execute the code.