My bot got struck, Status: Pending Execution

  • 4 April 2023
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Dear AA community,

While I run a task then I stopped it. Now It showing pending execution error.

I try to delete my device but it showing like this.


2 replies

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The device either has an ongoing deployment or has a stuck entry of a failed task execution. You can validate this on the Activity > In-Progress tab.

We need to reset the device from API if we are unable to view the running bot in the activity tab.


Stop the active deployment on the device from the Activity > In-Progress tab.


Follow the below article to reset the device:
"BOT stuck in In Progress Stage and not able to move it to history" or "BOT stuck in Pending execution Stage and not able to move it to history" on Automation 360 CLOUD and On-Prem environments

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@rbkadiyam Thank you so much sir