Mouse click failing on java application

  • 11 October 2022
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Hey all, I have a process where I use a mouse click to press a button in a JAVA based application on Internet Explorer.


I have 2 bot accounts working on the same server.


One bot account can click the button, the other one failes to click the button.


I checked all the java settings for bot bot accounts and everythin is the same. Also screen resolution is the same.


Any idea what can cause this error?

2 replies

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@Marcia van Nes​ When I've had issues in the past interacting with JAVA applications, it has usually been an issue with the Java access bridge not being installed or enabled correctly.


There are a few older KB articles for this, assume they are still fine to check:>>

Thanx for the help! We solved the issue by copying the user image from the account that was working to the one that was not. I have checked the java bridge, it is enabled now. Perhaps that was what was solved the issue, unfortunately I cannot check that now anymore.