Migrating bots from v11 to A360 - bot migration stuck in progress

  • 26 May 2023
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Dear All,

We are currently starting migration process from AA Enterprise to A360 on premise. We have set up our control room, migrated our databases, defined user roles and set up bot runner machine to migrate our bots. However, during migration of the task itself, we have encountered following issue:

1. We are able to successful choose bots we want to migrate and send migration request to our bot runner machine without any issues.

During its run, bot agent displays messages as follows:

  1. Migration started
  2. Bot sent to device
  3. Run bot deployed (Last state: 0% | Line 0 of 3 | Active)
  4. Device acquired by user
  5. Run bot deployed  (Last state: 0% | Line 0 of 3 | Active)
  6. Run bot finished  (Last state: 100% | Line 3 of 3 | Completed)

2. Bot agent seem to run successful on our bot runner environment without displaying any error message.
3. Migration run status is stuck in progress, as shown in screenshot below

4. Audit log displays each migration related status as Successful so do notifications. Despite this, no migrated bots appear in A360.

Our team is currently brainstorming what could be a cause issue, but we would greatly appreciate any feedback or even better a solution to this problem.


Best Regards,


Olaf Pietrzyk



1 reply

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Hy @Olaf 363, do you resolve this problem?