MFA/ 2 Factor Authentication

  • 11 September 2023
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We have existing solutions in an application that is going to implement 2nd factor/ MFA in the very near future.  Our concern is that our inventory of bots will become inoperable if they cannot log into the application. 


Is there any option/ability for the unattended botworker to resolve the additional layer of security?


Has anyone had any luck in coming up with a workaround?





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Hi @Justin107544 

Current limitations of MFA support

  • MFA is not currently supported when the automation is initially started.
    • This is because the Bot Agent Service does not have the ability to fetch and pass back MFA information when it logs into its local device.

Typical workaround

  • Exempt the Bot Runner users from MFA requirements.
    • This is done by restricting the Bot Agent devices to a set of Bot Runner users, as well as restricting network access to and from the Bot Agent devices to the required connections for functionality.
  • We can send the code to the runner account via email. The code will be embedded in the email body, and we can use a logic to parse the email body and get the code from the email body. However, this method requires a dedicated email account for the runner account.